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Education and schools in Northern Cyprus

Education in Northern Cyprus is represented by primary, secondary and high schools that are located in all towns and cities across the northern part of the island. The schools in Northern Cyprus can be private or state. When moving to...

Moving to Northern Cyprus with your pets

If you have just moved to Northern Cyprus with your pets, and have already gone through the necessary quarantine process, we congratulate you! Pets are part of family and moving to Northern Cyprus should not be a reason to part...

Climate in Northern Cyprus

The climate of Northern Cyprus can be described as typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and cool winters. Seasonal fluctuations in temperature occur quite strongly, as well as the amount of precipitation. The summer in Cyprus starts in May and...

The flag of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

After the founding of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1974 the country for some time used the flag of Turkey. On March 9, 1984 the country released its own flag, which is in use till this day. Flag...

Banks in Northern Cyprus

Keeping pace with the time and general economic development, the development of the banking system Northern Cyprus in recent years shows a significant growth. In TRNC, banks have not only been able to adapt to new economic conditions, but also...

President of Turkey - prospects for the development and recognition of Northern Cyprus

The newly elected President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, made his first foreign trip as President, to Northern Cyprus. As expected, he used the opportunity to show the world that Turkey recognizes the independent existence of the Turkish Republic of...

North vs. South Cyprus

Ghost of a new financial crisis in Europe forces foreign citizens to minimize their potential financial risks. Primarily it is expressed in the investment of assets in foreign real estate. The leading ten attractive countries in the investment aspect England,...

Business in Northern Cyprus, trust companies

Trust companies in North Cyprus are often used by foreign citizens for various purposes. These maybe receiving title deeds on more properties than one (as foreigners are allowed to obtain title deed only on one property), trust company can also...

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Cyprus - construction of the properties

Northern Cyprus is currently experiencing a real splash in the country’s property market. Acquiring property in Cyprus, people have high expectations from their investments.Many people believe that building your own home in the sun - it's just a dream, but...

Property market in Northern Cyprus

Affordable property prices, low taxes, simple and straight forward buying process, chance to open and run private business makes Northern Cyprus appealing to international property buyers. International citizens choose to purchase property in Cyprus for retirement, profit from rent, to...

North Cyprus Property Loans

When choosing a property in North Cyprus, one of the critical issues for the buyer is a payment plan. North Cyprus property market is abundant and diverse, resale apartments and villas with paid fees and VATs are ideal...

For tourists in Northern Cyprus

Those who have visited Northern Cyprus cannot be left disappointed with the country and all those amazing things it has to offer, but those who are still thinking about buying the tickets and renting a villa or apartments for holiday...

The main reasons for buying property in Northern Cyprus

The main reason for the acquisition of property in North Cyprus is a natural condition that the island has to offer. Sunny weather all year round, clean calm Mediterranean sea, fresh fruits and vegetables attract hundreds of home buyers...

Title Deeds in North Cyprus

One of the main question property buyers in Northern Cyprus ask themselves are the title deeds of the property. Title deeds are the full ownership of the property purchased in Northern Cyprus. It should be noted that...

Holidays in North Cyprus

At least one third of Europe citizens live in areas of unsatisfactory ecological environment. And unfortunately, the ecological environment, and not only in Europe, is getting worse. Of course, it's hard to find a place on earth that can be...

Budget investment in Northern Cyprus’ property

Belief, that real estate investors in property abroad markets are multimillionaires is deceiving. Nowadays, people with 35-50000 Euros can easily become owners of property abroad. Moreover, the correct choice of property, even small budget purchases can be smart and profitable....

North Cyprus - investment attractiveness

The rapid growth of tourism sector in Northern Cyprus attracts many tourists, which in recent years have created a shortage of rental property in the country. This has particularly affected Kyrenia region, due to established infrastructure, culture, and attractions. Growth...

The decision of the European Court of Human Rights

Information which has been published in the Greek press deserves special attention for those who live in the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or for those who are still tormented by the question of the safety of...