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Bogaz district - beautiful and popular today

Apartments in Bogaz for sale - AllianceNCThe seaside town of Bogaz in the province of Northern Cyprus, Iskele, has an attractive coastal location, numerous sandy beaches, romantic Mediterranean views and a history dating back to centuries BC.

The serene resort town sits along a wide bay overlooking turquoise waters and the city of Famagusta and even the South Coast when the air is clear. Numerous fish restaurants are "scattered" along the entire coast and on weekends, gourmets from all over Cyprus come here to enjoy a delicious and always fresh fish menu. The newest road to the Karpaz, passing here, offers unique villas and mountains, on the one hand, and birch waters of the Mediterranean Sea, on the other.

The real estate market of the Bogaz region can be divided into two separate areas: old buildings and new housing, which appears every year along the entire coast. These are mainly modern complexes with developed infrastructure, two-story apartments, townhouses or villas, or modern apartments in multi-storey buildings, as a rule, with all the services offered within the complex.

The inhabitants of the region are a mix of Cypriot homeowners and overseas buyers who, while previously mostly from the UK, now come from across Europe. In recent years, the number of Russian-speaking buyers has noticeably increased, who clearly prefer the east coast with an abundance of sandy beaches in Kyrenia.

According to Alliance-Estate specialists, most of the complexes are sold long before the completion of construction, which, in principle, is typical today for all regions of Northern Cyprus.

Bogaz and Iskele are a favorite place for yachts to park against the backdrop of granite hills and pine forests. The city has a fishing harbour, cobbled streets lined with traditional wooden and whitewashed houses, and the aforementioned seafront restaurants. Many believe that Bogaz and Iskele, with beaches and well-preserved open-air historical monuments, are the best place to buy new villas.

Bogaz is not a newly discovered resort, it has existed for a very long time, but until recently a quiet and exceptionally Cypriot place to relax and live, which was not too developed, today has become one of the most popular places to buy property in Northern Cyprus. The infrastructure built nearby with supermarkets, banks, schools and kindergartens makes it possible to choose this place both for permanent life and profitable rental of your property.

Alliance-Estate specialists will show you the latest complexes, where studios, studios with a niche for a bedroom, apartments and penthouses are offered for sale. Obtaining a Residence Permit upon purchase and convenient payment plans are additional benefits for foreign buyers.


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