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Moving to Northern Cyprus

Located at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, North Cyprus is still called the world community self-proclaimed republic, which is located on the northern and eastern part of the island of Cyprus. Despite the fact that the existence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was declared in 1983, the country received recognition only from Turkey, and the United Nations officially recognizes only the government of the Republic of Cyprus on the island. Some of hostilities between the Greek and Turkish sides in the past have taken place, but now the political climate is stable.

Turkish Republic of Northern Turkey has beautiful scenery, sandy beaches, mountains, numerous archaeological sites, Beaches in North Cyprusand climate that allows you to enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year. Northern Cyprus also boasts relatively strong, but small economy, which is dominated by tourism sector, trade, light industry and agriculture. Numerous international schools and universities situated in the northern part of Cyprus, offering quality and affordable education in English or Turkish language.

Although Northern Cyprus is not considered the most popular destination for the emigrants, partly because of its isolated political position, but it can certainly offer not only a relaxed pace of life, but also a pleasant climate and a lot of business opportunities, due to the rapidly growing economy and the growing popularity of the northern part of the island. If you decided to relocate to North Cyprus for professional reasons, fundamental change of life, or just to retire or move with the whole family and children, living in Northern Cyprus will certainly be exciting and will offer you a lot of new adventures and opportunities.

According to the latest census, North Cyprus has a population of approximately 300,000, most of which are Turkish Cypriots, as well as foreign nationals from Europe and the East. English and Russian communities and various associations in North Cyprus are found in all major cities.
Despite the fact that the official language of Northern Cyprus is Turkish, English is widely used in the country as a second language. Northern Cyprus occupies an excellent position in a number of the many sports including badminton, billiards, football, golf, tennis, .. While the Turkish lira is the official currency, euro, US dollar and GBP are also in wide everyday use in all cities and enterprises.

What does it take to move to Northern Cyprus?

Before the decision itself, potential immigrants tend to learn more about such topics as health care in North Cyprus, education, obtaining a permanent visa, climate, crime rate, the cost of real estate and investment attractiveness. After careful examination of materials, usually people decide in favor of moving to Northern Cyprus.

Most citizens of foreign countries, including residents of the EU, do not need a visa to enter the territory of Northern Cyprus. Annual visa can be easily obtained, with accompanying contract of purchased property, and statement from the bank. Annual residence visa is extended every year until a permanent residence permit in the TRNC is issued.

North Cyprus offer a wide insurance system with many choices of medical insurance. There are many hospitals and clinics in the country, both private and public. The health care in Northern Cyprus is affordable and of good quality.

Many people also choose to relocate to Northern Cyprus with their pets. The pets require a passport and necessary vaccinations, acquired prior to moving. For the detailed information, please see our article “Moving pets to North Cyprus”.

Mooving to Cyprus


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