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President of Turkey - prospects for the development and recognition of Northern Cyprus

The newly elected President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, made his first foreign trip as President, to Northern Cyprus. As expected, he used the opportunity to show the world that Turkey recognizes the independent existence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and shows its commitment to the entire community and the Turkish Cypriot nation of the northern part of the island.
In a joint statement with the President of the TRNC, Dervis Eroglu, he said that Turkey continues to fulfill its obligations as the guarantor of the island in accordance with the constitution of 1960, which divided the island into two equal states. According to the statement, Turkish Cypriot rights have been violated by the actions of the Greek Cypriots and that, eventually led to the intervention of Cyprus by Turkey, undertaken to protect the rights of Turkish Cypriots on the island. President Erdogan confirmed that as the President of Turkey, he will continue to facilitate the negotiation process on the island and will do everything possible for this. He also explicitly stated and not for the first time, an error of the EU, which, contrary to its own rules, allowed the Republic of South Cyprus to join the EU, despite the fact that the island is divided. President Erdogan noted that the EU and the UN went back on their promise to stop the isolation of the TRNC if Turkish Cypriots voted for Annan Plan in 2004. 10 years have passed, and the promises has not been fulfilled, and by the right of veto, which South Cyprus exercises quite often means that this state of affairs is unlikely to change in the near future.
President Erdogan said that Turkey will work tirelessly on a solution that will ensure equal participation and rights of Turkish Cypriots in bi communal state. However, Turkey is not ready to wait forever to achieve this solution. Turkish President has also commented on the national resources of the island. He made it clear that any assistance that Turkey can provide transportation, sale or purchase of natural gas resources, the carriage of which is scheduled to take place in the eastern Mediterranean, would be subject to income, shared with the Turkish Cypriots.
The President also noted the progress of the water project of Northern Cyprus. He confirmed that the delivery of fresh water to towns and villages, starting from Lefkosa, would start by the end of this year. Potentially water resources can be made available to all people, and not just on the north side, but the entire island of Cyprus. In addition, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that after the project water delivery may be followed by a new project - delivery of electricity to the entire island.


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