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North Cyprus Property - Residence Permits in North Cyprus, Immigration to North Cyprus - Moving to North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus does not only have big opportunities for investors, but also those who want to immigrate to this beautiful island. Those who are considering moving abroad for permanent residence, just need to consider to move to Northern Cyprus. North Cyprus has a lot to offer to its residents – visa-free entrance, internationally-recognized universities, low property taxes, absence of crime, and, of course, gorgeous climate, clean sea, absence of a freezing winter. Northern Cyprus has a well developed infrastructure, roads, communications, legal system, universities, schools and hospitals, which would be the envy and the most "developed" countries. Almost all people in the country can freely communicate in English, international currencies are accepted everywhere, even small shops. Foreign population in North Cyprus is growing each year. And while many of those who move to Cyprus to live in an ideal sunny and warm climate, are elderly couples, as it is called Cyprus "a haven for retirees," although a new wave of young people who immigrate to North Cyprus every year.

Buying a property in North Cyprus, regardless of the area, price, completion, ensures that the buyer receives a residence permit. After registration of the contract, showing the ability to pay for your living or the existence of legitimate income, passing a medical examination, you will receive a one year residence permit. Visa for North Cyprus is renewed every year for 8 years before receiving a permanent residence permit. A person wishing to obtain citizenship should be a law-abiding person with no criminal record. Residence permit in North Cyprus

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it is the right to live in North Cyprus, can be obtained by a citizen of any country, without any restrictions. Residents have the right to educate their children in public or private schools and kindergartens, and to open accounts in banks. A residence permit does not much differ from the tourist visa, except that you don’t have to leave the country every time the visa expires.

Alliance acting as a North Cyprus Estate Agency can help you with the process of aquiring a residence permit after you buy a property in Cyprus. Click here to browse through our North Cyprus Property Listings.