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Climate in Northern Cyprus

The climate of Northern Cyprus can be described as typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and cool winters. Seasonal fluctuations in temperature occur quite strongly, as well as the amount of precipitation. The summer in Cyprus starts in May and end in September, the springs and autumns in Cyprus are very short and warm. The winter, is also warm with rains in January and February.

Mountain massifs in South and North Cyprus play an important role for the climatic conditions Climate in Northern Cyprusof Cyprus and significant daily differences in temperature can be observed on the coast, in comparison with the central part of Cyprus. Located at latitude of 350 north and 330 east, Cyprus has the following characteristics of the light of day: from 9.8 hours in December to 14.5 - in June.

In summer the island is under the influence of low pressure and the summer has quite high temperatures and cloudless blue sky. During the summer the rainfalls are quite rare, less than 5% of the total annual rainfall. The hottest summer months are July and August, when the temperatures reach 40 degrees. However, the average daily temperature ranges from 29 degrees in the valleys and on the coast, and up to 22 degrees in the mountains. The average winter temperature during the day is 10 degrees, and in high mountain areas 3-5 degrees. The water temperature is not much different: winter temperature in February – ranges between 15-17 degrees and 23-28 degrees in August.

Snow is very unusual for Cyprus, but in the winter months it can be seen at a height of 1000 meters, in the mountains, which is especially characteristic of the northern slopes of the Troodos Mountains.

Despite the fact that in the winter there are winds, they very rarely reach hurricane force. Storm winds are also very rare, although small storm can be observed in winter months. And despite the fact that they are pronounced mainly on the coastline, they often penetrates inland, reaching the capital, Nicosia, bringing to the city a decrease in temperature and increase in humidity.

Fog in Cyprus is also rare and if they do happen, it is only in early hours of the mornings. Visibility is usually excellent, although sometimes you can feel the misty dust brought by the African desert winds. Compared to other resort countries, all regions of the island of Cyprus can enjoy the sunny climate: in fact most of the island on the average number of hours of bright sunshine per year is 75% of the daytime!

During the rainy winter months Cyprus turns into a green island. However, by the time when it comes to June, the scenery has changed colour to brown and gold, and only the forests and vineyards remain green. Despite the weather conditions, anyone can enjoy cooler air on the hills of the Kyrenia mountain range. A stroll along the coast in the hot summer days, the cool air is sure to provide you with the sea breeze.

A winter weather as a whole resembles a spring day in the Europe. Therefore, going to Northern Cyprus, warm coat can be safely left at home and a light jacket is sure to protect from the wind. Your summer wardrobe must necessarily include sunglasses and a hat, and a high percentage of sunscreen is a must for beginners. And do not forget that during the hottest days of July or August, the best time to tan - it's early in the morning or late in the evening.

Climate in Northern Cyprus


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