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Karpas Research Station opened on Ronnas Beach

Karpas Research Station opened on Ronnas Beach

A research station has opened on Ronnas Beach, on Karpaz, one of the most important spawning grounds for sea turtles. It will now host numerous studies, including turtles, migratory birds and wild donkeys.

Thanks to the project, the camping area where seasonal turtle work is carried out, with its infrastructure and quickly erected buildings, has been transformed into a station that can accommodate 24 people and where research and observation can be carried out in different areas throughout the year. .

The Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute is implemented with the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), the Department of Environmental Protection and the Municipality of Erenköy Karpaz.

The station is intended to make a major contribution to the protection of the Karpas Peninsula. Karpas Research Station was originally established to provide central support to research on the monitoring and protection of sea turtles carried out at the Cyprus Marine Life Centre, which operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute.

Each year the Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Project receives applications from 300-500 volunteers from 55-60 different countries, but due to limited accommodation it can only accommodate 120 volunteers.

In addition, the Karpas Research Station will conduct migration studies on the tens of thousands of birds that stop in Cyprus each year during their migratory journey. The station will operate all year round.

In addition to research on turtles, research will also be conducted on migratory birds. The station will also produce 3D maps of coastlines and monitor whether coastlines have changed.


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