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The cost of electricity has increased again

The cost of electricity has increased again

State electricity authority Kib-Tek raised prices by 15 percent from November 1, and prices will rise again by 7 percent from December 1.

This is the fourth price increase in 2023.

Depending on the amount of electricity consumed, the uniform tariff for the population from 0 to 250 kW ranges from 2.5199 to 2.6963 Turkish lira; The tariff for households for 251–500 kW has been increased from 5.1986 TL to 5.5625 TL; The residential tariff for 501–750 kW has been increased from 5.5897 TL to 5.9810 TL; The tariff for the population for 751–1000 kWh increased from 6.0590 TL to 6.4831 TL, and for over 1000 kWh - from 7.2321 TL to 7.7383 TL.

For the three-phase tariff for the population, the price increased from 7.1919 TL to 7.6952 TL during peak hours (from 17:00 to 22:00); from 5.1987 to 5.5625 TL during regular hours (from 07.00 to 17.00) and from 3.4270 to 3.6668 TL during off-peak hours (from 22.00 to 07.00).

reports Yeniduzen.


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The World Bank expects the TRNC's economy to grow by 2.7 percent this year.

The World Bank expects the TRNC's economy to grow by 2.7 percent this year.

New law regulating the sale of real estate to foreigners in 2024 in Northern Cyprus

It has just become known about changes in the legislation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus due to the constant increase in demand for real estate for holidays and permanent residence among buyers from abroad. There has been a lot of talk about the number of houses and lands being sold to people from other countries such as Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Iran, Kibris Türk Haber reported. This has led to proposals for new rules for the sale of real estate to foreigners. The goal is to reduce property prices and curb money laundering.

Debate over the country's population

According to this scientific calculation, we can predict the population of Kyrenia to be 155,000. "If we take the entire TRNC, take the average daily waste volume of 850 tons and divide it by 1.03 kilograms, we can easily predict that the number of people living in the TRNC will be approximately 825,000."