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Electricity price in Northern Cyprus increases

 Electricity price in Northern Cyprus increases

On Monday the price of electricity in Northern Cyprus will increase by more than 20%. News received a negative reaction from consumers and businesses, who are threatening large-scale protests.
Chairman of the Trade Union of Electricity Caglayan Cesurer said: "The price of electricity used up to 250 kW, will increase by 18.42 %. Electricity used between 251 and 500 kW, will increase by 28.85 % in value, and electricity used between 751 kW and more, to increase by 29.23 %. Prices were not properly adjusted for the cost of fuel since 2009. Fuel for the power plant is purchased in foreign currency, which has increased in value against Turkish lira. These factors have prompted officials to impose new electricity prices. Previously, the fuel price was $ 300 per metric ton, but today the price is $600. "


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Electricity for those with an unpaid balance of more than 469 TL will be cut off on Monday.

The headquarters of the Kıb-Tek Information Processing Branch announced that on Monday it will cut power to all private and legal customers whose unpaid balances exceed TL 469, excluding bills for the September period.