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Barack Obama: “Great opportunity exists to solve Cyprus problem”

Barack Obama:  “Great opportunity exists to solve Cyprus problem”

On August 8th, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras, met at the White House. One of the many topics of discussion between representatives of two countries was Cyprus. Speaking after the meeting, Obama said that Greece can play a significant stabilizing role in the Cyprus issue. Barack Obama said that the region is full of challenges and added: "I think we were both encouraged by the messages coming out the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities and we are going to be working very close together to see if we can make progress on those parts. There is a great opportunity, as we speak, for the decades-long conflict and tensions that exist in Cyprus to be resolved.”
Greece Prime Minister said that the two countries would work together to solve as many problems in the region as possible. This includes the question of Cyprus.


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UK passengers are quarantined for one week.

Passengers from the UK will also have to present a negative coronavirus test certificate. They are required to get tested between three to five days prior to their flight. Upon their arrival in the north, they will be tested for a second time and then they will be quarantined for seven days.

Seven-day quarantine for those coming from Turkey and South Cyprus

A committee set up by the TRNC Ministry of Health made a recommendation given the number of new cases arising from the arrival of passengers from Turkey since 1 July.

Public transport will resume on Monday, June 8th.

Public transport will resume on Monday, June 8th. A statement from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport states that transportation services will be launched subject to the following rules.