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Car Rental in North Cyprus

прокат автомобиля на кипреCar hire in North Cyprus is convenient and cost-effective way to make your holiday comfortable and independent of public transport and taxis. Car rental is very popular overseas and in North Cyprus, where the procedure of car rental is quick and easy. Those who buy a property in North Cyprus as a holiday home, prefer to rent a car for their time being in the country. Foreign citizens have the right to drive a car in North Cyprus on the international driving permits during a period of up to 90 days. The cars in North Cyprus are not hired for less than 3 days. A rent-a-car can be requested and booked prior to your arrival to North Cyprus, and we recommend to do so, as in holiday seasons rented cars can be scarce. You can request the delivery of the rented car to the desired location (airport, hotel, your place of residence), so you will be able to get the car when you arrive in Northern Cyprus.

Due to long-term cooperation with major car rental companies in North Cyprus, you can be sure that ordering a car through us, you will receive it in the required place at the required time. We always consider the needs and wishes of our customers and and do after-sales service! Daily car rental price depends on car’s class and the term of the lease, cars with automatic transmissions are more expensive than with the manual of the same model. The amount of car rental includes unlimited mileage, insurance and taxes. Payment of a rented car can be both with cash and credit cards.

Rent a car - prices 2023 - 2024 years

Car rental in Northern Cyprus - Alliance-Estate

машины в аренду на Северном Кипре

The basic rules of car hire in North Cyprus:

A car cannot be rented to a person less than 21 years old
The person renting the car must have a passport and the driving license
Full insurance is included in the price of the rent
Insurance does not cover:
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Damage to the car windows, headlights, mirrors, and tire casing, not related to accidents
In the event of an accident, immediately call the police and company that provided the car

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