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Buying property in North Cyprus 2023

Зкщзукешуы шт Тщкерукт Снзкгы- ФддшфтсуТСNow the tourism industry and construction in Northern Cyprus are exceptionally developed. Northern Cyprus attracts foreign investors and vacationers from all over the world with its breathtaking nature and unique splendor.

The country is known for its natural gifts and investment opportunities, which has made it an important destination for attracting Turkish and foreign investors from different regions, especially in the tourism industry and real estate. The superiority of its location, close to Asia and Europe, as well as loyal conditions for the acquisition of housing and living has become one of the fundamental reasons that prompted investors to consider Northern Cyprus as a place to attract finance, and made the country a center of income for many foreign investors. These are the main conditions and the trend The rapid development of the tourism business has turned the country into a magnet for financial professionals and foreign capital.

Many people start thinking about buying property or land after visiting this vibrant country as a sightseer.

A huge number are considering purchasing a decent loft or house by the sea, where they will have the opportunity to relax several times a year and live in the future. For specific people, the main rationale for buying property is the presence of a house in a foreign country and the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus and permanent residence. Moreover, many consider North Cyprus property to be a profitable investment, while others plan to rent out their property or sell it profitably in the future.

Turkish Cyprus is a fantastic country

Northern Cyprus offers a wide range of land and properties at amazingly attractive prices. Here you can find simple, inexpensive studio apartments, as well as penthouses and houses with private access to the sea. Outsiders are usually attracted to the famous beach tourist areas and developed cities.

Before investing resources in any place, each investor asks himself why he invests in this particular place. Therefore, we have identified several important reasons that can be an answer to financial professionals interested in placing resources in Northern Cyprus.

Thus, the luxurious sandy beaches in Iskele, the environmental factors of the region attract great attention from foreign investors. Researches show that foreigners like to buy houses in Iskele and Bogaz as the most attractive regions for holidays. Thus, the eastern regions of Northern Cyprus stand out as a privileged area for investment by foreign investors.

In 2023, Northern Cyprus has become one of the most popular resorts for foreign investors, where they find beautiful seashores, ultra-luxury hotels, offices and shops. According to the information provided by Alliance-Estate, more than 50,000 Russian-speaking citizens have already purchased real estate in Northern Cyprus. Especially Russians, Germans and Scandinavians prefer Esentepe and Iskele. You can often hear that tourists decide to buy a house after a trip to Northern Cyprus.
Mediterranean climate and high tourism potential,make a positive commitment to develop the potential of the tourism industry in Northern Cyprus. Also, foreign investors like to create private or business businesses in certain places in Northern Cyprus, for example, in Kyrenia, Lefkosa, Famagusta.


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