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"GIRNE FEST 23", will be held for the first time from September 1 to October 10

"GIRNE FEST 23",  will be held for the first time  from September 1 to October 10

"GIRNE FEST 23", which will be held for the first time this year from September 1 to October 10, will continuously hold cultural, artistic and sports events for 40 days.

The first ever "GIRNE FEST 23" will be held under the auspices of the municipality of Girne. Girne, as the tourist center of the island, is preparing for a prestigious, extensive 40-day festival program. "GIRNE FEST 23", which will be attended by more than 200 musicians, theater actors and artists from Turkey, TRNC and around the world, will be held from September 1 to October 10.

A press conference dedicated to "GIRNE FEST 23" was held in the meeting room of the Girne municipality assembly, and comprehensive information about the festival was given.

"GIRNE FEST 23" brings together festivals that arose at different times in the past, which will be collected under one "umbrella" and stretch for 40 days. Described as a step towards making the tourist city of Kyrenia a center of attraction, the festival aims to attract tourists to visit the city of Kyrenia. Girne Municipality Amphitheater will be used as the main concert hall, other event venues include Ramadan Cemil Square, Kashgar, Karaoglanoglu Beach, Ozankoy and Zeytinlik Village.


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Multi-storey parking projects in Kyrenia

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