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The main reasons for buying property in Northern Cyprus

The main reason for the acquisition of property in North Cyprus is a natural condition that the island has to offer. Sunny weather all year round, clean calm Mediterranean sea, fresh fruits and vegetables attract hundreds of home buyers to North Cyprus. Who doesn’t dream about having a holiday home in a sunny country? A lot of home buyers in Northern Cyprus decide to purchase a property in the island after spending an unforgettable holiday here. North Cyprus strikes visitors with its individuality and simplicity, and the friendliness of the locals.

With an easy and simple process of obtaining a residence permit, many homebuyers buy a villa or apartment in North Cyprus for their loved ones, children or parents. European schools and universities in North Cyprus offer in a wide variety of faculties and courses, allow the kids to receive high quality education and learn at least one more language, and then continue their education in Europe.

Good attitude to foreigners by the local population and low crime rate is an important factor when choosing North Cyprus as a second home. North Cyprus allows to enjoy safe and secure environment.

Fears for the economic or political situation in the home country is another important factor for the acquisition of property in Cyprus. Many people from different countries buy property in North Cyprus, in order to have the opportunity to move to Cyprus in case of decreasing political or economical stability in home country.

Also, a large percentage of buyers are those who invest capital in land or property in Northern Cyprus. The low price of properties in Northern Cyprus makes the property market attractive to a larger number of foreigners.


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