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Sale of secondary real estate in northern Cyprus, valuation

resale properties in Northern CyprusAn appraisal is a professional look at real estate. Valuation is one of the main steps in selling your home in Northern Cyprus. The assessment of the value of real estate is carried out under the professional supervision of specialists from our company, they express their opinion on the sale / purchase price based on the cost of land, market activity, the age of your apartment or villa, the developer who built it, finishing materials, size of the plot... To provide an accurate assessment , the specialist must have in-depth knowledge in the field of real estate and land in Northern Cyprus. To give you accurate numbers, the appraiser determines the size of the property (when selling older properties there are often no contacts or plans), floor plans, and condition of the property. Agents usually know recent transactions that have occurred in the same area recently.

It is important that the specialist who makes the assessment is well acquainted with the area where the housing is located. One of the important factors in Northern Cyprus is the availability of titles and whether they have been transferred to the owner. It is very important to know what land the property is located on, what titles this land has - exchange, Turkish, foreign, Greek. The knowledge and professionalism of the appraiser determines the accuracy of determining the value and, accordingly, the speed of sale. If you are just thinking about selling your property in Northern Cyprus and want to know the approximate value, then almost any company located nearby will be able to give you approximate figures. Correctly, agents can tell you the value of properties located in their area.

If you decide to sell through a specific company, a real estate agent will provide you with an accurate valuation of your home based on all of the factors above, as well as the trends and activity of the market at that time. Nowadays, high demand for new buildings and high prices are pushing up sales of secondary real estate, both apartments and villas, and land plots. With an accurate appraisal, your property will sell quickly if it has all the necessary paperwork - contract, titles, taxes paid. Very often, properties are on the market for a long time, sometimes for several years, while others are sold in a few weeks or months. This only means that the real estate valuation and marketing were done incorrectly.

resale apartment in Northern Cyprus - Alliance-EstateConsider requesting a valuation of your home from real estate company Alliance-Estate, which has a long history of dealing with secondary real estate in Northern Cyprus.

Alliance-Estate specialists have been working in the real estate market of Northern Cyprus for more than 20 years, and one of the company’s areas of focus is the sale and purchase of secondary housing and land. With an office in Kyrenia and Iskele, we easily cover the entire northern part of the island in our work. If you want to sell your property and get an accurate appraised value, contact our company and get the most accurate answers to all your questions.

Many buyers take out secondary real estate on credit. Local residents of Northern Cyprus and Turks can apply for a bank loan for real estate where individual titles have been obtained. In this case, the bank sends an appraiser, for which the buyer pays, and he is responsible for paying the appraisal fees. The seller receives the entire cost when re-registering the contract and all the seller needs to know is that registration with the bank can take up to one month.

For all questions regarding the sale of your home in Northern Cyprus or the purchase of a secondary home, please contact Alliance Estate.

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