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The Cyprus problem has reached its 50th anniversary


The Cyprus problem has reached its 50th anniversary, while two leaders of the island insist that solution can be achieved within 6 months.TRNC President Dervis Eroglu, who has repeatedly said that the referendum may be held in March next year, urged not to delay the decision for another half century.
The leader of the Greek Cypriot Nicos Anastasiades , said the decision could be reached before Christmas. Both sides pressure the other, to the beginning of negotiations.
The President Dervis Eroglu said: "If the Greek Cypriots have the intention to find solution, it's not that hard. However, if they imagine returning to pre-1974 conditions, they shouldn’t waste time. It is important that the problem doesn’t last another 50 years "
Mr. Anastasiades, speaking at a press conference in South Cyprus, said: "If Turkey will take the necessary steps, the decision may be reached by Christmas." He also said he would not participate in the negotiations, only "for the sake of dialogue," but is ready to act if Turkey and Northern Cyprus will take bold steps to build confidence, while at the same time, following the norms and values of the EU, and adhering to the UN resolutions.


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