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The decision of the European Court of Human Rights

Information which has been published in the Greek press deserves special attention for those who live in the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or for those who are still tormented by the question of the safety of purchasing property in Northern Cyprus and are haunted by the fear that house purchased by them will be claimed as the property of Greek Cypriots.
Decision, which was taken on April 2, 2013 concerning abandoned lands on the territory of North Cyprus, took a new twist. Application filed by a representative of the Greek community, Eleni Meliagrou against Turkey in the International Court of Human Rights, in order to obtain compensation of property left on the Turkish side was rejected. The European Court of Human Rights accepted the position of Turkey, which is not to recognize land titles, located in Northern Cyprus, issued by South Cyprus.

European Court of Human Rights has closed the way for the Greeks Cypriots to apply to International Court of Human Rights, thus indicating that all questions of property left in North Cyprus should be resolved in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, by the Immovable Property Commission specifically created to address such kind of issues.




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