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Holidays in North Cyprus

At least one third of Europe citizens live in areas of unsatisfactory ecological environment. And unfortunately, the ecological environment, and not only in Europe, is getting worse. Of course, it's hard to find a place on earth that can be called flawless, but every year thousands of tourists, exhausted by harsh climate and long winter travel to warm countries, where they can relax and improve their health and the health of their families.

List of countries with the most suitable and pollution-free climate will always include Northern Cyprus. This is a country which does not have industrial production and but has beautiful sandy beaches, fresh air, crystal clear sea, fresh fruits and vegetables, and refreshing breezes. Put your umbrella away for a rainy day, leave behind gray skies and come to North Cyprus. Wonderful climate, therapeutic water of the Mediterranean Sea and the simple and healthy Cypriot cuisine will keep the doctors away.

Swimming season in North Cyprus starts in April and finishes in November, but regardless of the time of year, North Cyprus will always surprise you with unforgettable sceneries and beautiful gifts of nature. North Cyprus will leave nobody indifferent, and just spending a few days in this beautiful island you will understand why thousands of tourists come here every year.

If you prefer to spend your holiday on the beach under warm Mediterranean Sun, then Famagusta region is what you are looking for. Regions like Iskele, Bogaz, Bafra offer long sandy beaches and are located just a short drive away from the town of Famagusta. The demand for rent in these regions is very high and there is large variety of properties for rent – villas, apartments, townhouses in walking distance to the sea and local amenities. The beaches here are the best in Northern Cyprus, long, sandy, and beautiful. Miles of sandy beaches and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea will be your best companions for the duration of your holiday in Cyprus.

And for those who do not like to spend long hours on the beach and prefer outdoor activities, North Cyprus offers impressive monuments, stories and legends associated with them. Salamis, Othello Castle, St. Andrew Church in Karpaz, Bufavento, St.Hilarion Castle... – history of Northern Cyprus hides many secrets, legends, royal dynasties, richest ancient cities. While exploring North Cyprus do not forget to stop in one of the local restaurants for a taste of national cuisine.

Kyrenia is the town for those who like modern restaurants, clubs, bars, and shopping. Due to long-developed infrastructure, Kyrenia is rightly believed to be touristic centre of Northern Cyprus. Numerous hotels along the coast, as well as a diverse selection of properties for rent can help you choose a comfortable place to rest.Other advantages of the holiday in North Cyprus are the absence of entry visas and additional paperwork.

Renting a property in Northern Cyprus is much cheaper than similar offerings in Republic of Cyprus, Spain, or the popular regions of Turkey. However, book the property for rent in advance, as in high season it will near to impossible to find property for rent in short notice.

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